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Croatia vs England - Wednesday 11th July 7pm

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Croatia vs England - Moscow (Luzhniki), 7pm (Match 62) - ITV

Well this has been the best world cup i've watched. I'm not just saying that as England are in the Semi-Finals. But just for the amount of shocks and good performances from the underdogs and none of the Vuela shite the South African world cup had which was annoying as fuck. Russia have put on one of the best World Cups EVER!!!

Anyway, this is England's biggest challenge yet, a great Croatian side who will be a bigger threat than Sweden. I just hope we can get a few early goals on Wednesday. We are so good at cross pieces at the moment.

:banana: 1-3 To England :banana:

#Cro v #Eng



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18 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

Watching the game in my.hotel room it's pretty decent. Its the Dekata hotel in Edinburgh.


Double bed eh ?.....Hmmmmm! anyway....England 0-1 in front.

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Yeah I was thinking that too. We've been poor tonight. Well the first half we were alright but 2nd half we were shite. Kept passing back to keeper. Oh well. 

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Bottom line is their midfield was better.

Did we force a save out of their keeper all night? 

Don't get me wrong, this team are pups. 

Might be worth a bet in 2020 Euros.

I think we would have given France a better game.

France 4-1 Croatia

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12 hours ago, Locke said:

Plenty big enough for a wank!

did you notice the wee envelop or perhaps card on the bed....this is suspicious.

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1 hour ago, Locke said:

Young team who did well.

They have to fancy the Euros for 2020.

Will we still be able to play in them though after Brexit? :confused-shrug-smiley-emoticon:

The answer is basically yes.

three links here...



and finally


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