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Android 9 - Pie Rollout


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Woke up this morning to the final version of Android 9 - Pie. The public release, I've been on beta for a while testing it out and it's pretty good. My pixel is showing its age now getting a bit laggy but it's still absolutely fine for what I need it for. 

Anyone else get Android Pie this morning?


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3 hours ago, Hairy Scot said:

I'm currently on 7.0. Nougat I think it's called.

Samsung is notoriously slow at pushing out new releases of firmware so to get ahead one has to put in a custom ROM.

I'm not sure what is to be gained by going to Oreo or Pie on a Galaxy S6.

Its mainly just looks in my appearance, they say battery is better but I don't think it is at all. 


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Tbh I have no idea about software etc. All I know is I have a Sony experia phone lol.

But I've just read that apparently the new Samsung phone will now alert you if you have taken a bad picture?

"Samsung's new high-end smartphone alerts owners to problems with their photos as soon as they are snapped.

The Galaxy Note 9 uses software to identify if the images are blurry or whether the subject is blinking, among other issues"


The updates with technology over the years is becoming mindblowing now.

Scary to see what's phones will be like in 10/20 years time.


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