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    • When it comes to clubs being punished for the indiscretions of those running the club it is usual for football supporters to feel a degree of sympathy for the supporters of that club. If Celtic are hammered by the authorities (aye right!!) i will have little sympathy for the Celtic support who have been complicit in the cover up.  Just a couple of examples.. The online Sun newspaper ran with a story from the late Sean Fallon. In the story Fallon is directly quoted as saying...'It is nonsense to say he (Stein) did nothing. As soon as he heard the rumours he kicked him (Torbett) out the club'...The Celtic supporters association threatened the Sun with a boycott if they didn't edit the DIRECT QUOTE!! The Sun , for reasons known only to them, changed the story and i have never bought the paper since. TBF i don't buy any newspapers now or click on any links.  The Daily Record and Sunday Mail are running these stories and the Gordon Wadell piece at the weekend was fairly accurate and hard hitting leaving Celtic little wiggle room. What do the Celtic support do when they read this? Ask searching questions? Demand the club tell the truth? Ask for a public enquiry? Nope they threaten to boycott the Daily Record!! As i said i don't read these rags but i have seen some of the recent pieces on other forums. My question to the editors of these Rags is why now? Why wait all these years? Why have they not been at the front leading the campaign for the victims of this dreadful scandal? I suspect Celtic have been threatening legal action but i want the Rags to answer this very pertinent point as it will put this Celtic board in the dock alongside all their predecessors with the exception of Fergus McCann 
    • Sweep sweep. That club is a disgrace and a boil on the arse of Scotland. It should be lanced.
    • Yes. I found the last series disappointing. They tried to cram too much into 6 episodes. Final episode was nonsense. Let's build more brothels! 
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