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May is Doomed

Mr Magnificent

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47 minutes ago, Locke said:

Cameron was worse.

Not for me although not a lot in it mate.....He started off a Brexiteer but changed into a remainer but I'm basing it on the fact that May is conceding to the EU at every turn when the country needs her to be strong. Cameron was a busted flush when he returned from an EU summit saying we (UK) had done well when we got fuck all apart from laughed at!

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9 hours ago, Locke said:

She'll be out of a job tonight.

Corbyn is waiting to pounce!

God help us all!

No she won't mate. There has been at least 170 Tory MP's have publicly stated they will back her in the vote tonight which is enough for her to remain in position. Problem for her, imo, is that with so many voting against her it will be a serious humiliation & do nothing for her crumbling (if she had one) reputation with the EU.

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22 minutes ago, Locke said:

Treacherous bastards around her.

How do you mean ? There are those who have said they will support her. The others will vote against her. Who actually are the 'treacherous bastards' ?

Whatever you think....whicheverway the vote goes it is called democracy mate.

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6 minutes ago, Locke said:

Those who say yes in front of their leader then vote NO in a blind vote.

Those who have said they would vote for her have said that publicly. If they don't (although we will never know) then, yeah, I would call them treacherous but I don't think that could come into the equation.

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20 minutes ago, Hairy Scot said:

117 voted for her, 83 against.

However, parliament can still put a stop to her plans.

It was a majority of 83 for her Hairy....200 for with 117 against. Of course Parliament can and will put an end to the withdrawal agreement. No surprise there as both Corbyn and Sturgeon have both said their parties will vote against whatever she brings to the table. Pity Sturgeon doesn't actually have a vote but dictates what her acolytes are to do.

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