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Old stadiums

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7 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

Not missing much haha. 

I have been to both, Ayresome was what it was, The Riverside is like many modern stadia devoid of any sort of atmosphere, and nearby pubs. Tho it was better than Roker park, where the wind in the open away end, was horrendous.

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Realist referred to Brockville Park, the home of Falkirk FC before it was demolished and the club moved to another area of the town. If I recall correctly the building of the new stadium caused a bit of a stooshi as it was built on what was considered 'green belt' land. Here is a picture of Brockville. When full it created a fantastic atmosphere. The record attendance was 23,100 against Celtic 1953.

Image result for old brockville stadium images

The following picture shows a view from the Watson Street end. Just hidden nearby to the right of the exit sign was the toilet. This was simply a 'brick shit house' which could hold no more than half a dozen people comfortably but regularly had a lot more than that in it as it was the only toilet for that end. Too bad if you needed a shit. Most punters just stood at the wall at the top of the terracing and pissed against the low wall which overlooked the back gardens of adjacent houses.

Image result for old brockville stadium images

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