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How is the BBC News so shit these days, they have a story on the best VEGAN milk to have for CLIMATE CHANGE, then there is a story about how a man came out TRANSGENDER!!! FOR FUCK SAKE!!!

Vegans are cunts "Usually"

Transgender people have a mental issue and need help!

See the woman who cants to be a man stop the change whilst she has a baby and now there titling it as man gives birth!! FFS!

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16 hours ago, boro_boy said:

now there titling it as man gives birth!! FFS!

Over 40 years ago I was in a serious road accident while driving and I broke my cheek bone. Got it put together with wired up splints and was in hospital for a week during which I never had a shit. When I got out all that was happening was I was by passing so we had to get a district nurse in. I won't go into detail but she showed me what to do....and I'll tell you this................................If ever there was a painful feeling that I could imagine as giving birth it was that day when I had my fist shit after more than a week! I called it Johnny.....:mischievous-grin-smiley-emoticon:

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