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    • LOL he'll not be allowed back in! Are these people fucking stupid, did they think ISIS would take over the world or something, is this why a lot of "them" went to join them?
    • Another fucking cunt  
    • We are usually shite when we are on tv. 
    • These are the Millenials this is what they do, nothing seems real to them as they see everything through their fucking phones.  You see them at concerts filming the event, FFS your fucking their, watch it with your own fucking eyes you cunts. BTW, love the name of this thread, this has thread of the year all over it  
    • How come they are NEVER investigated? Especially the BBC, i'm a Licence payer and a Leaver, but they are clearly in favour of remaining in the EU. One day i'm hoping the licence fee is scrapped. I used to like the BBC wildlife documentaries but all they do right now is talk about climate change and that fucking bores me the way they do on about it. They are fucking idiots!!!
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