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The Longest thread in MFF history

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Nah feck him! should move closer to the river.

Everyone's just being whinging bastards!!  Oh i renewed the hosting for another year today 👍 

Got both nostrils pissing blood, playing with the dog, he leaps and full on headbutts me on the nose, chip off the old block my dog.👍

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Guest United Road

That feeling when you can barely fucking walk cos your feet are fucking done. Ugh,

Not the best day as I also accidentally stuck my ipod in the washing machine

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HTCs are good phones. Had them since the HTC Hero which was a good few years ago. I think the HTC phones have the best UI with their Sense overlay. 

This phone though is good, but its prone to breakdowns. But all phones are if you look at the forums on XDA forums. 

I have a HTC Desire as a standby phone which is slow but I'm used their flagship phones!

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Guest United Road
6 hours ago, boro_boy said:

Who the fuck still uses an IPOD!!! Your phone does EXACTLY the same thing lol!

MP3 players are so early 2000s

I just find it easier to use an ipod for all the albums, saves phone battery and has much more available memory

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10 hours ago, boro_boy said:

I'm tempted to move to a samsung but not just yet. Hopefully i'll get a new phone sent back to me from HTC and that it will last longer. Going to with GiffGaff for a while too.

The missus is starting uni in January so money will be tight for 3 years!!

3 people in my family had the Samsung, All went in for repair, None would ever touch them again. iphone is the way forward.

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Guest United Road

My ipod isn't doing too well! Had a flicker of life yesterday. It kept resetting with the apple logo and then saying it needs to be charged. Then to connect to itunes. Attempted recovery mode, which failed due to an unknown error. Think the battery's fucked. I'll give it a couple more days before sending it to the grave!!

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8 hours ago, redblood said:

Seriously tempted to go to iphone unless HTC new phone is good

I had HTC before i got iphone think it was 4s at the time, Will never go back now. People seem to be so set in their thinking, with either android or iphone, I was all for android, until i gave iphone a go, pisses all over android.Came about by chance, as my HTC was getting moody, I borrowed a iphone,3s of my son, and that was it, No looking back. Also iphones are so much more secure.How many times has any apple product been hacked or compromised?

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Guest United Road
30 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

What plans do people have this weekend?

I'm staying in Plymouth this weekend as my missus is only working Tonight and she wanted to spend some time together this weekend as she's going to china next weekend. I'm on leave a week today!

What she doing in china?

Gonna head over to a mate's in a bit to start the drinking. So I'll drop in and post some shite in the drinking thread at a buzzed juncture!!

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