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What the **** is everyone up to


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3 hours ago, Harold said:

Nice relaxed afternoon is on the cards.....St Mirren v Thistle....3pm ko & Hearts v Inverness CT 5.15pm ko probably be watched.

Buddies up 1 - 0 penalty.

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11 minutes ago, Mr Magnificent said:

Just picked Old Man up from hospital.

On the way home I slowed down for a speed hump, there was a little lad sitting at side of road just above curb. No older than 3 and grubby looking.

I said "poor lad, where are his parents FFS?"

My old man replied "fucking gypos all the same they are!"

I laughed so hard I thought I was going to have to pull over. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


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2 minutes ago, Mr Magnificent said:

Dropped Grandson off at his Mom's earlier then looked at a property in Walton on Trent. Lovely village. We placed an offer....

happened to that last one you posted about Mags ?

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9 minutes ago, Mr Magnificent said:

Our place is sold.

When you to move by ?....bit of a bugger if you hear nothing or offer turned down I'd imagine. We're looking/hoping to move to a ground floor flat along the road from us. The occupants of the two we fancy are in their 80's and they're both aware that we'd be interested in buying in the future....hate to say it but it would have to be when the inevitable happened which we do not wish upon them. We've asked to be informed before the flats are put on the market. House sales in our area are flying atm & have been for years. We personally know of one guy who has told us if we put our gaff up for sale to get in touch with him first.

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