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What the **** is everyone up to


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1 hour ago, Harold said:

only if it was at least two litre bottles...I aint cheap mate....lol

:lol: so not supermarket cheap stuff either.

I'm just about to walk to work!

Should be a very quick days work though, would usually be heading home aftwards but I think I have to stay until friday to let some people in my office who are changing the desktop computers to new ones with windoes 10 on them,. 

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21 hours ago, superally said:

Having a pint and a ploughman’s lunch.

Sounds lovely but many pubs don't do it so looking for one that does.

13 hours ago, Mr Magnificent said:

Will Burt Reynolds see it that way though? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

The bandit might.

1 hour ago, cazcat said:

Too much dick sucking going on for scant reward.... :hungry:


Not talking about me.

Then close your mouth x

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2 minutes ago, superally said:

I’m feeling lucky just now, a bird flew over and shit a cart full, missing my pint by an inch literally.

my car wasn't so lucky yesterday morning....some fucking seagull (I presume going by what was dropped) shit over the roof, windscreen and bonnet. Two other cars within 5 yards weren't touched.....lol

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