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Is it all in the eye of the beholder?

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Alfredo Morelos has blamed "bad refereeing decisions that altered my temperament" for the spate of yellow and red cards the striker has received since joining Rangers from Helsinki. (Daily Record)

Kilmarnock midfielder Gary Dicker has accused referee Greg Aitken and his assistants of bottling out of making big decisions against Rangers following Saturday's 1-1 draw at Ibrox. (The Scotsman)

Rangers centre-half Nikola Katic says he has been surprised by the rough and tumble nature of Scottish football this season after claiming Kilmarnock's approach was more like a rugby game at Ibrox on Saturday. (The Herald)

Kilmarnock midfielder Gary Dicker has claimed that key incidents when Alfredo Morelos swung an arm at Kirk Broadfoot then Connor Goldson took out Liam Millar would have been stick-on red cards at the other end during Saturday's 1-1 draw with Rangers at Ibrox. (Scottish Sun)

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I have become totally pissed off with Morelos' temperament. Okay, he is targeted with heavy challenges/tackles but he cannot constantly react to them....I've lost count of the number of cards he has received this season which lead to suspensions which do the team no good at all. Having said that, apparently (and I've read this) the incident with Broadfoot was a reaction to Broadfoot studding Morelos on his calf/achilles as they walked off at halftime. Broadfoot has been at this kind of dirty sneaky actions before...remember how he stood 3 times on Ryan Jack's foot last season looking for a reaction which he got & Jack was sent off ? This is the kind of thing Morelos has to stop as he is a target for every defender in the country....easy to wind up. I notice that Dicker made no mention of Broadfoot's part in the incident. 

I also notice that the whinging Killie man failed to mention the guy Power who almost took off Jack's head with a very high raised boot recently which only received a yellow.

My opinion re Goldson's challenge...yeah, foul (don't know if he got a yellow) but not a red due to the position of the players as in it wasn't a clear goal scoring chance being denied.

Gerrard said after the game that there were bad, constant fouls on Rangers players but I don't read about any of them being highlighted.

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