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These are the Millenials this is what they do, nothing seems real to them as they see everything through their fucking phones. 

You see them at concerts filming the event, FFS your fucking their, watch it with your own fucking eyes you cunts.

BTW, love the name of this thread, this has thread of the year all over it :) 

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14 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

Yeah he's a cunt, I used to like his show until I realised it was all Pro remain like the entire BBC another shit show is the bash report, even have I got news for you is all remain. Shows I used to enjoy but now wind me the fuck up 

Exactly, feel the same, used to love HIGNFY.


Brexit, Trump etc have ruined it, same targets same shit.


I could happily live without a TV.....well, until United are on.

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11 minutes ago, Harold said:

They'd be better off making a lot of the scum & fucking junkies homeless rather than an innocent wee bird. Par for the course for councils mind you.

It's the bird's natural breeding ground,if they feel they need nets to contain erosion then they should cutting holes for every bird access point

Also they're a fucking eyesore

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1 hour ago, Hairy Scot said:

BELIEVED to have medicinal properties!


The scales are keratin. Why don't these cunts just rip out their relatives finger nails and hair!

Exactly what Rhino horn is made of and yet cunts hack these off too

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What an utter cunt this Judge is,should be fucking struck off


Serial drink driver spared jail because she’s a WOMAN as female judge says man would’ve ‘been sent straight to prison’

The 30-year-old drank a bottle of wine before hitting the vehicles and crashing into a ditch, where her Fiat Stilo burst into flames

A SERIAL drink driver who smashed into three cars after downing a bottle of wine has been spared jail -because she's a woman.

Victoria Parry was told by a female judge if she was a man "it would be straight down the stairs" to prison.

The 30-year-old hit the vehicles before crashing into aditch, where her Fiat Stilo burst into flames, the court heard.

She was pulled from the wreck just off the A46 near Stratford-upon-Avon, on May 23 last year.

The shop manager has two previous convictions for drunk driving, and admitted dangerous driving at Warwick Crown Court yesterday.

She was handed a three-month suspended sentence by Judge Sarah Buckingham, who said "if Miss Parrywas a man, there is no question it would have been straight down the stairs".

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