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The EU: The Dictatorship

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Slowly but surely,their big plan is working,to control Europe,to censor people

Another EU law passed (secretly) that will have huge effect on the internet

It has been dubbed the end of the internet as we know it. Inventor of the world wide web Tim Berners-Lee, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and 70 other tech figures have penned an open letter, warning of the ‘imminent threat’ to the internet’s future, which would turn it ‘from an open platform for sharing and innovation, into a tool for the automated surveillance and control of its users’.


This threat to the net comes from the EU’s new copyright directive, which was passed narrowly by its Legal Affairs Committee, with 13 votes in favour and 11 against in a secret ballot. (A great deal of EU law-making occurs in secret.) The law is intended to crack down on the streaming of pirated films and music. But the actual scope is so large that it covers all and any copyrightable material.

Of particular concern to campaigners is article 13 of the directive, which could outlaw the sharing of memes – a major aspect of today’s internet culture. The law shifts the burden of responsibility for copyright infringement from individual users to platforms. Platforms will be ordered to install ‘content recognition technologies’ to detect and delete copyrighted material. Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, tells me that ‘anything that matches a copyright database’ would face deletion, ‘so memes and the reuse of popular culture would absolutely be in scope for removal’ – even if done legally.




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UK is now in the EU's Defence Fund and the proposal is to stay in it after Brexit. This is a risk to UK defence autonomy and industry. Decision-making should never have been granted to the EU. The EU's defence access has the potential to disdurb our alliance with Nato.


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8 hours ago, Normski said:


I heard that yesterday and my first reaction was WHIT ? Hope the pro-remain are pleased with that! My 2nd reaction was....what is the difference between assisting British Steel and the £billions that were put in to keep certain banks afloat ?

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1 hour ago, Hairy Scot said:

And when/if Scotland gains independence I fervently hope that the EU is not part of the future of the country.

Unfortunately Hairy that is what the separatists desire. In the , unlikely imo, event that Scotland does leave the UK then it can never truly be described as independent if it throws its hat in with the EU.

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32 minutes ago, Roger said:

Populism is alive and kicking.

Good because they work for us. They should do as we say. We voted to leave so we should leave with a WTO Brexit. This current government are just in it for themselves, sorting their own life's out, doing what's better for them. Well things are changing now, look at the state of the conservative and labour parties now. They are fucked, they have no clear motive. 

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1 hour ago, Harold said:

It's a disgrace that the UK, unlike other countries, ALWAYS have to be seen to obey the rules enforced upon us by those cunts. Our government, if it had even one gonad, should tell them to take a fuck to themselves!

Yes totally, we always seem to doing everything my the book. Well apart from democracy. #cunts

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