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The Masters

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9 hours ago, boro_boy said:

I don't rate golf as a sport., Darts isn't a sport either. Neither are athletic. 

Golf and darts are a past time. 

Darts is something that could be argued as to whether it is or isn't...I'm not going there. However Athletics and golf are and have always have been. Just because the competitors aren't throwing or kicking a ball about doesn't disqualify them from being sports.

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I’ve never been a great Woods fan but after it became obvious it wasn’t going to be Molinaris year I was willing Tiger on. 

He looked so together on the back nine but the way he played the 18th showed how pressure he was under. 

Great sporting comeback and no sportsman of today has done so much to popularise their sport as Tiger has

All the USA players standing waiting to congratulate him. Well most of them. That utterly contemptible cunt Michelson was nowhere to be seen 

Well done Tiger. 

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Faldo? Fucking Faldo!!!! One of THE least popular players ever to play the game!!

I think you ll find , Brookline apart, the Europeans have been the ones that have been doing the more high fiving and fist pumping. Rory and Poulter being two of the worst culprits for it. I can only think of Patrick Reed shooshing the drunken rabble at Gleneagles from the USA team. 

As much as I despise Michelson his sportsmanship at Medina when playing Justin Rose almost had me forgiving him.

The European ladies team at the Solheim Cup is among the worst sportsmanship ever witnessed in golf. I was even cheering on the USA teams miraculous comeback after that.

Tiger has had to overcome outright prejudice in his early career. 

Tiger has opened up the game to everyone and it is no longer just the elite country club game it once was in America. 

I’m not sure about this but I heard a rumour lady members can now use the front door at golf clubhouses these days.

No other present day sportsman has done as much for their sport as Tiger Woods. He will be one of the greatest if not THE greatest of all time. A true legend 

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