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The Brexit Party

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10 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

Impressive if it happens. We have to remember he's a MEP and soon to be MP and they are not the most trustworthy. 

Which constituency will he be an MP for?

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12 hours ago, Bastion said:

Hopefully without a stamp, then they will have to pay up for It......


All adds up

A stamp ? I wouldny give the cunts my lick spittle mate.....:flashing-lol:

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7 hours ago, Roger said:

Are the first set of stats for local elections? Or if there was a General Election? 

Prob if there is a Gen Election

Lets see if tbe guy get's 30 days like the guy who egged Jezza got


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The establishment tried and failed again to stop us. And in the process exposed themselves as the anti democratic meddlers they truly are 

So: when are the Electoral Commission going to perform a full audit on Labour, Change UK, Lib Dem’s, Cons & the People’s Vote? Same time tomorrow? 🤷🏼‍♂️

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