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When will the BBC be held to account

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Nonce hiding, sympathising, murder and the list goes on, who the fuck do they think they are?  

Let have it right someone needs to fuck them over 

I found out that the BBC stands for Big Black Cock!!! They're doing it in front of our eyes!!

They defo topped Jill Dando. I think she was about to blow the lid of Paedophilia in the Beeb.

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Just caught up on Monday's Springwatch and learnt this fascinating fact. 

The starling's testicles grow as the mating season approaches and shrink back to normal size afterwards. Nothing mind blowing about that really. 

What is extraordinary is the scale of the change. 

If the same scale of expansion happened in men, at peak swelling, our testicles would be the size of a basketball. 

For want of a better finish, I'm just putting it out there for comment.

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