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2 hours ago, Normski said:

The real Corbyn and Abbott,now if it had been the provos.....


fucking pair of rats. Absolutely no loyalty to this country. Mind you after how this government have allowed soldiers & paras who served in Ulster to be flung to wolves and the comments made by Hunt the cunt the other day, neither do they!

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40 minutes ago, Bastion said:

Mate, when I click on that, it's just ads for Magazines........

Basically giving an insight into the corrupt, goings on with Corbyn's Labour including what 'should be' revealed on Panorama.

41 minutes ago, Bastion said:

Kate Hoey to stand down at next election,  real shame, one of the good guys.......

Agree with that.

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6 minutes ago, Normski said:

She hates Labour and Corbyn with a passion,she asked a sarcastic question and gave an emphaticic yes to in a pisstake way

Aye, I see the question...it was all the spoilers (whatever the fuck they are) and the wee emoticons that I didn't get the significance of.


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1 hour ago, Normski said:


A VERY interesting article from Andrew Pierce highlighting the astonishing hypocrisy from Labour & Corbyn regards the NDA's.

A section from the article

With a typical sense of outrage, Jeremy Corbyn promised a 'workers' rights revolution' to prevent 'unacceptable behaviour' and 'abuses of power' from colleagues.

He added that a Labour government 'would legislate to prevent the making of any contractual clauses (non-disclosure agreements) which stop disclosure of future discrimination, harassment or victimisation'.

Mr Corbyn was addressing a union conference last year, and in his sights was the increasing use by bosses of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) – or so-called gagging orders – which let firms 'silence' employees so they cannot make public anything that might embarrass them.

These 'hush agreements' have notoriously been used by the rich and powerful – such as tycoon Sir Philip Green, Donald Trump and movie mogul Harvey Weinstein – to cover up allegations of sexual misconduct.

However, Mr Corbyn faces charges of hypocrisy after Labour hired lawyers to stop former staff who signed NDAs talking to the BBC investigative programme Panorama. It is expected to reveal the true extent of anti-Semitism in the party when it is broadcast tomorrow.


the article in full


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