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Rape victims to get phones taken off them


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Just now, boro_boy said:

This is good news in my eyes. People are moaning saying that people will not report rapes now. FFS really? Surely the courts need evidence from both sides. 

I would have thought it would be mandatory to do this, for a proper investigation. 

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Just now, Hairy Scot said:

I'm not sure how this would benefit an investigation.

High profile rape case over here, the girl who alleged the rape, was chatting about blaming someone for rape a few days before the alleged incident. 


As most victims are known to the rapist, their chats could give light to their relationship,  sexual or otherwise....


It also gives info on where folk are at crucial times.....


I don't think it's a bad thing, it could help bolster a case, so what are the issues?

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5 minutes ago, Hairy Scot said:

True. But that is hardly a typical case.

What is a typical rape though?

I'm not being flippant,  but IF the rapist is known to the victim, why would you not Gage their relationship from phone records? If indeed they have a relationship.....


Obviously,  it's irrelevant in a random attack btw.

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  • Administrator

The alleged victim could send e message the next day thanking them for great sex. Then suddenly change her mind and cry rape. Men need some extra protection in rape cases as most of the time is the victims word against the defendant. 

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