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Man City Could Face 1 Year Champions League Ban

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Manchester City, who won the Premier League title on Sunday, faces a one-year ban from the Champions League for misleading financial regulators about the money they poured into the team 

Case isn't about the nuances of FFP but over allegations that club had provided false information on its sponsorship agreements to UEFA and acted in bad faith. Case is in response to Football Leaks revelations

A City ban may raise more questions over why PSG have escaped punishment so far

Some investigators equivocated over taking a decision because of City's financial heft, the fear of taking on one of the world's richest countries, while others wanted to do their jobs and leave it to the courts to decide if as they will (if banned) City take this to CAS

There are wider implications than football. Essentially City's owner, the United Arab Emirates, is being accused of lying and cheating, which is hugely damaging to the prestige of its rulers. Just like allegations of cheating to secure the World Cup were to Qatar's.

Another consideration was whether hacked emails/ media sting could be admissible in an ethics case against City. But there has been precedent accepted by CAS, famously S. Times sting on Nigerian FIFA member Amos Adamu back in 2009.


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43 minutes ago, Hairy Scot said:

Apples and oranges mate.

Plus EUFA will probably want to be seen as being somewhat holier than FIFA.

EUFA's FFP rules are have become almost sacrosanct. I hope that City and then PSG will be deservedly hung out to dry.

Case isn't about the nuances of FFP but over allegations that club had provided false information on its sponsorship agreements to UEFA and acted in bad faith. 

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3 hours ago, Bastion said:

No doubt football's governing bodies are fully transparent and are fully fit to judge others.....

Please tell me you are joking otherwise I might start taking large quantities of harmful pills. :)

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1 hour ago, Normski said:

Why didn't he just say no?


The feat or trophies ain't going away.

No one cares about how they did it.

It is a bit like Fergie time....It went on and we all knew it. 

Deal with it Utd, Liverpool and the rest.

Would you like some cheese with your whine? 

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