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29 minutes ago, Hairy Scot said:

I still think the top four will be (in no particular order) OZ, NZ, England, India.
However NZ has three tough games to come.
Would love to see NZ vs OZ final.


England haven't got it easy either.

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19 minutes ago, Hairy Scot said:

I think that is this one gone.
Unless NZ can bowl the Pakis out cheaply.
Still can't understand why a ripped up old wicket was used when there where others available.
Just have to see off the Poms and/or the convicts.


Convicts will be an easier bet as they have qualified. May play a couple second string players and rest big guns.

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5 minutes ago, Hairy Scot said:

I hate to keep harping on about it, but who decides which of the available 4 or 5 tracks is chosen for the match?

Another Paki fix??

Doubtful mate. It will be worse for them to bat on second.

Don't forget the semi final is being played there so probably saving a good pitch for it.

It is the same for both sides today mate. In fact NZ will have the best of it. 

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Sri Lanka v South Afreeeka......South Afreeeeka stroll it.

I think there may have been some unwanted chanting during the game as I heard a tannoy message stating that racist, homophobic comments will not be tolerated and that anyone found to be doing it  could be ejected, criminal proceedings etc etc. Never heard that before at the cricket!

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