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How MSM Works


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I agreed and @CountDankulaTV and I had a 2 hour chat in a pub on camera. We disagreed on some things but I defended his right to make jokes other people don't like. We laughed a lot and had a reasonable, balanced conversation. 

The BBC also brought @CountDankulaTV to an event where I debated another comedian about the limits of freedom of expression. Even the comedian who was skeptical about free speech agreed that @CountDankulaTV shouldn't have been prosecuted. 

The producers told me they were very happy with the footage and that it offered a nuanced, reasonable and balanced counterpoint to the shouty debate around this issue BUT did I know anyone who might have a more extreme view on this issue...

I recommended they contact a comedian who I knew would take a very extreme anti-free-speech position.

They arranged for him to meet with @CountDankulaTV and they had a massive falling out on camera. If you're familiar with the MSM you know where this is going... 

The doc was released today. All the reasonable and balanced discussion of the issue was completely cut from the programme. All they left in was @CountDankulaTV arguing with two mentalists who made no coherent arguments whatsoever and just shouted at him and called him names.

This is how the MSM works. They present two extremes of an argument as THE argument when in fact the vast majority of sane, reasonable people reside in the middle.

They fuel anger and division and then tell us we live in an angry, divided society. Don't buy it.


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