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Why are footballers wages so high compared to other sports?

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Found this on twitter earlier https://www.onlinemortgageadvisor.co.uk/content/footy100/

It really shocked me how much footballers get compared to other athletes, I always thought all athletes are generally overpaid but footballers blow everyone out of the water!

Take Messi for example, he earns 10 times more than tiger woods!  Tennis players also make pennies compared to footballers same for cricketers.

What do you think has caused this inflated wage for top tier footballers? Is it demand? Is it just the popularity of the sport? Or is it the fact that if a player makes xxxx amount for the club they can then justify getting paid xxx amount as the club still profits? Take Ronaldo for example, I wonder how much money has been made from memorabilia or just products that contain his name? It's surely got to be at least a billion. 

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Part of me likes the idea, of the actual player, making top money over the corporate/elites..... why should Adidas/Nike TV, the clubs etc earn all the money on the backs of these players.....


Saying that, they get too much, transfer fees are too much, agent fees are too much.....  and the governing bodies are corrupt as fuck.


So, I'm happy enough that a guy with some talent can earn money of it.



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