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International Woman's Day


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1 hour ago, Mr Magnificent said:

What's wrong with it?

It's fucking boring. And I don't give a fuck about getting more.women into jobs full of me. You know all the high paid jobs. How about getting the women into bin collections, or heavy lifting.  Equal rights can fuck off, we are not equal. Men are.naturally stronger and better than woman at many things such as driving. 

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Yet again the Shinners jump on the bandwagon trying to claim the agenda at womens day Belfast, 2020  .......

If the SAS hadn't stopped Farrell and her terrorist friends in Gibraltar, how many women would they have slaughtered in a barbaric way?

I wonder if Jean McConvile got a mention?


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On 08/03/2020 at 19:15, boro_boy said:

Just fuck off will you!!!

Even my missus is pissed off with everyone going on about it. 

Should have been Saturday apparently, tho women being women, they were late getting ready.

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