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Describe how your last week has been!


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For me it's been 

Sunday-Stayed in.

Monday-Work then stayed in.

Tuesday-Work-stayed in, had a bit of loving.

Wednesday-work, which was harder than normal due to Tuesdays loving (i'm getting old)-then stayed in.

Thursday-Stayed in.

Friday-Stayed in.

Saturday-Stayed in

Sunday= Feckin great day, went shopping at Morrisons, then------- Stayed in.

Monday= I'm not even sure if today is actually Monday!


So describe your week, for me the highlight was food shopping at Morrisons. FFS!

6 weeks ago the thought of food shopping had me making excuses to go to the pub.

worrying depressing times.

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Outside my house means on my property nearest neighbour is about 80 metres away and they are in lockdown in Spain. Haven’t been more than two km from my house that was walking the dogs. So been out every day 

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Sunday.....stayed in & pissed about

Monday.....grass cutting

Tuesday.....outdoor painting (fence posts)

Wednesday......stayed in. Played trivial pursuit with the wife.

Thursday.......Tescos am.....played scrabble with the wife

Friday.....drove to the co-op where the wife bought some items then drove to B&M Cumbernauld to try & buy more cuprinol for more outdoor painting (wanted to make sure we had enough) but the queue was over 100 yards long so said bugger it and came directly home. Played scrabble.

Saturday & Sunday stayed in, watched shite on tv....read and later in the afternoon (Sunday) salivated over the smell of the chicken cooking in the oven which was for dinner.

Yesterday (Monday).....couldn't get owt done outside due to weather so played scrabble.

Today.....grass cutting.

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