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Who was the worst teacher you ever had


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Whether it be primary or Secondary (High) school. It can be for any reason that you recall. I have two memories of teachers. First was my  maths teacher in 4th year when I was sitting my O-levels. I just couldn't understand the basis of the subject due to the way it was taught and put over...I failed my maths. A year later I had to resit it but this time the teacher was amazing and explained the subject in a manner that instantly lit a light in my brain.....I passed easy that year. The second was my chemistry teacher....great teacher but a fucker for discipline. Remember one day he caught me 'doodling' on my jotter. Fleming was his name and he shouted out for me to come to the front of the class where I was subjected to six...aye fucking six of the belt. My hands were stinging like fuck, sore as fuck and numb for the rest of the day. I never doodled again....lol.

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A maths teacher who from first year through to third year decided he didn’t like me and a couple of others in my class and gave us the belt at the start of every period if it was a double we got it both periods. He was a power mad egotistical moron. By third year I was bigger and not as willing to take his shire which led to problems. I was so close to giving him a kicking that I left school and served

y time as a turner / toolmaker. I met him a few years after I left and he was a quivering wreck due to alcohol problems. Funny I don’t hate him he means nothing to me now. I went to uni got a degree did various things with my life not because of him but in spite of him. Phone of the others in the class that he fled died he didn’t like committed suicide when he was 19 as he couldn’t get his head round what happened and turned to drugs 

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When i was in Langcraigs Primary school in Glenburn Paisley in the mid sixties we had Mrs McGregor an old spinster who wore long tartan skirts down to her ankles, in our eyes she looked about a hunderd years old, anyway she didn't like farting in class and had a good sense of smell, whenever she scented a fart she would go up and down the ranks to scent out the culprit (mostly boys bizarrely) as we wore short trousers in them days she would seize her prey and hand out a spanking on the bum whilst shouting 'nasty little boy'.
Everyone was shit scared of her and her classes were hell, i suffered that for a year before moving up a grade.

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RE teacher Mr Peake, outright bully, used to get some kind of pleasure out of bashing us hard on the head. I swore i would get the fecker back and i did, 2nd year senior school, I took that wooden thing they used for drawing straight lines across the blackboard (like a T square and whacked him full on in the gut). Turned out i broke 2 of his ribs, I got suspended from school, tho when i was allowed to return no fecker in the school ever bothered me, I was made out to be some kind of hero after challenging and winning against the bully teacher everybody was afraid of.

RE was about Christianity in those days.

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Not sure but Herbie bad breath was up there

He actually had steel knuckles(don't ask) and if you walked into his classroom it was like a mini Beirut,he got so frustrated with every class he used to punch the wall

There were daily scuffles/fights between him and his pupils but looking back i admire him

He took it but gave it good back

Today he would probably get 10 yrs and a lifetime ban of going near schoolkids

Bearing in mind too the troubles were at it's height and there were some crazy fuckers even at school........arise sir Herbie

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10 hours ago, sployal said:

Did she have big tits?

My french teacher in 4th year....Miss Williams.....was fucking stacked mate & shapely with it. I seen to remember her wearing these tight ladies jerseys which accentuated the shape of her tits. I'd be 16 at the time and I reckon she was about 40....that year I fantasized about her making me wait after class then taking me into the store room....lol

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