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12 hours ago, superally said:

Cannot ever remember in my adult life feeling like i need my bed at 10pm on a Saturday night. Was up at 4am, on the road to Scotland, dropped in to see my aunt in Falkirk, who fed us, and let us use her toilet, then onto Dundee, then home again, over 700 miles. Drove up towing an empty trailer, it's a feckin nightmare, driving back it had a load and seemed a bit more stable. does nothing for fuel consumption tho, which was something i had never considered before.

Today i learned I will never ever buy a towable caravan.

Gotta say I've only towed twice in my life and I found it the most stressful experience you can have. Obviously if you do it daily you get used to it but given I'd hardly ever done it all I did was watch it through the rear view mirror and side mirrors the whole journey. 

Part of my brain wouldn't convince myself it was secured on well enough. Now every time our driver is off sick and we need something towing to site I keep my head down and don't offer to help out as its a bloody nightmare. 

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11 hours ago, Harold said:

we bought one almost 30 years ago....4 berth. Done one trip to Fort William & back.....sold it. Tbh I was NOT comfortable towing something so big.

Done that trip 3 times with caravan,( as a kid not a driver btw) 77-78-79. Tho my old man was a lorry driver, so it may not have been that bad for him. I didn't like towing particularly an empty trailer, It's a bit different the M74/M6, to some of those narrow windy roads, which at some stretches have very large drops at the side, Fort william, Glen Coe, the Loch Leven ferry etc, 2 week fishing trips I loved it as a kid, tho the memory of some of those roads back then, could so easily lead to a permanent goodnight.

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3 hours ago, Harold said:

Toodle pip chaps.....been a busy day followed by a relaxing couple of hours....stuffed to buggery after my tea so away to watch the tv upstairs. Remember....ALL LIVES MATTER.....not just the racist version.....fuck them!!!!

I am beginning to think No Lives Matter.

Anywho, goodnight and God Bless to my friends on here. 

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That's me peeps.....scunnered with all the shit that has gone down today....Streets are lost....police are pussies......absolutely no authority. ........country is now more divided on race issues than it has ever been in my lifetime imo.....and you know what ? These fucking BLM tramps can go fuck themselves. If I had to donate anything to their terrorist cause it would be what I just dropped a few minutes ago & believe me it was NOT pleasant!

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Toodlepip chaps....as above......^^^^^^........thanks to BLM, the left, the snowflakes, the ineffectual Police, the Ineffectual Government, the hate UK opposition parties.........................ahhh, fuck it......got some choccy waiting tbh.....parting shot...I hate these left wing UK hating cunts.....whether you are a resident of this country or not.....if you do not like it here then FUCK RIGHT OFF to wherever you want!!! Try Syria, any African country....how about Russia you pussy fucks ????????

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Bon nuit mes amis....ahm offski to ma kip and stick something on the telly that isn't the shite the wife's watching down here. I'm fuller than a mosque before lockdown aso needin' a wee lie down & think about what's happening the morra.....Hmmm....lol

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6 minutes ago, Harold said:

I'm offski.....things to do but you dudes enjoy.

Rules for tonight till I get up the morra....

1) NO shit

2) NO other shit

3) NO reports or complaints

(If there are any they will receive short shrift).

4) Play nice

Bon soir mes amis.....

When the Cats away the Mice will play, let's get rolling folks :beer:

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