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Goodnight Thread


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1 minute ago, cazcat said:

You really don't get what I have said at all.... So sad that you jave just decided to follow along the rancid crap that creep has said than think I am talking and joking about my daughter.

Have your own mind, Oh, and here comes the other creep.

Oh I have my own mind don't you worry you little  self. I wasn’t on here before I saw a the comment you made something I would expect from a less than mature person not a grown woman. Do not think you are special your not 

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Goodnight people, sadly some people can't behave themselves and delve down towards nasty personal remarks to hide their own insecurities and frailties. It's a sad day when people have to make nasty crap up becuase they are contemtable bullies who hide there own inadequate lives.

So sad.

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18 hours ago, superally said:

Agree 100%, I also suspect the reply will be a pile of shite. I have her on ignore @sployal, It just makes the forum so much better for me not seeing her shite. Feck knows what guests must think.

Did this today. So much better. Should have done it ages ago. 

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