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What is it with these idiots queuing for Mcdonalds?

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No....youse all have it wrong.....Nowt wrong waiting for a Big Mac, fries, medium cola or whatever your fancy takes....in fact I'd be prepared to wait for a maximum of 5 minutes so they'd have to let me to the front of the queue. I am 65 and have a partially disabled right hand so I qualify for special treatment.

Actually they're a shower of sad cunts....lol.

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3 minutes ago, Makdee said:

I like the iddMcDonalds but fuck that. Waiting about like idiots. The one in Robroyston Glasgow had  the police out trying to control the crowds  

Robroyston ?.....They doing a 'Tainted 9 in a row' burger and chips ?.....lol

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  • boro_boy changed the title to What is it with these idiots queuing for Mcdonalds?

Wonder what age group the majority fit into? I’d say mostly millennials, who actually don’t know what real food is like.

 I’m begging for Costa to re-open, I’m on the road on average 4/5 hours a day, and to not be able to get a coffee, or a toilet is a killer at times. It’s really hard for the LD lorry drivers. I hear their moans, sadly I can’t do anything about it.

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1 minute ago, boro_boy said:

Haha he didn't even get served as his car didn't have an engine. This was near me in Stockton 😂

Did they really not serve him?

Cunts.......after the effort and waiting in a queue i wudda served him

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managed to see it....what a twat.

We were at the retail park this morning at M&S and a HUGE area of the carpark has been cordoned off to allow lanes specifically for the McDonalds drive through. Obviously wasn't opened as no cars were using them.

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I did it yesterday but only because my two daughters pestered me to go, wouldn't mind they missed two items off my order and I left without the receipt. 

I wasn't going to queue up again so I rang and the manager answered, took my name and number and told me I'd have a free extra value meal........ 

Needless to say I won't be taking him up on it until the queues are dying down. 

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