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The New Name for My Football Forum

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From December onwards we will have two names and two URLS for the site which are below:




Hopefully this will get us more people to sign up as the current www.mfftk2.com is a shit name!

Anyway, please post on the forum and try to get it slightly more busier than it is at the moment.

I'm reducing the plan that the site is using so it will be cheaper, which means I can give the site more time to get busy, thats if it does actually get busy. If it doesn't then i'll have to close it. We used to have such a good forum but things happened and it slowly started to die, if this time round it doesn't work then i'll close it, but i'll give it at lease a year before I close the site!

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I'm here, thought you weren't back till next week, but just found an email from you.

I have some ideas on a forum name

drunkfootballfans.com as a tribute to most of the original members

nextseasonisourseason.com as a tribute to Liverpool fans

I'd try and go for a name with the full football names as it will get better search results, how about fansfootballforum.com

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