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I may be wrong here but imo Caz is huffing, having taken umbrage at the thread 'women say/do the stupidest things' and a couple of responses by me and BB. Tbh I honestly didn't think she was the snowflake type.She wanted initially to be accepted as gender neutral (obviously hadn't read any of our threads on suchlike and there are so many problems when interacting with someone of that ilk imo) but then wanted to be treated as one of the lads ?...Go figure. Personally (& this is just my opinion) I think she wanted too much too quick eg...'AMA' (ask me anything) thread. Obviously everyone has a different personality and I don't know how other members feel but I've been on a few different forums and I thought it was always better to give a short introduction summary and then take it gently from there whilst getting to know other members and graduate from there. Anyway, it is what it is and on we roll.

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You should start a Thread about The Cat.

Appreciates old matches, bout our age and even though she is only in the door, she isn't in your face.....

She ain't going to talk about lactating and booting for hubby in the balls..... she ain't going to talk about herself constantly.....

I could nearly write a book about Caz, well, I'd have to use all my artist license, revamp it and turn it into a full Fiction entry, even at that, it would probably bore the shit out of Roy Cropper... ..

The Cat seems nice.

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