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What Did You Do As a Child That Would Be Classed As Dangerous Today?

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9 minutes ago, Normski said:

Held onto back of buses on skateboard/rollerskates 

Thumbed lifts into next town at 8/9

Played murderball and British bulldog

Pelting down a 45 degrees road on a skateboard on a bus route

Getting stabbed in the back with a pencil in Primary School

Norm...rings a bell....did you no start something similar a while back.....just asking cos I'm no raking to see.....lol

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7 minutes ago, sployal said:

Yes this thread rings a bell Harold. Anyway, when i was a young lad we headed footballs, big fucking leather laced ones:beer:

aye, we did the same.....mind I was proud as punch when my mum & dad got me what was called a tubor....big laced up fucker that had to be covered in dubbin to preserve the leather!

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15 minutes ago, sployal said:

We used to make rope swings over the burn and play Knifey, you would get on yon big knot take a good swing and take the knife out of the ground with one hand where it was planted and plant it further, great fun:beer:

we did the swing thing too mate....but without the knife....that must be a Paisley thing...lol

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Stole a motorbike and hid it in the bushes in countryside.

We used to get a gallon of petrol and take it up in a can then ride it in the fields.

What scummy little bastards we were eh? It was only a shitty little Puch 50 cc but that isn't the point. Obviously look back upon that with shame. 

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funny how things from many many years ago stick in your mind....Our first home was a tenement flat....wee kitchen, livingroom, one bedroom.....outside the buildings was a large grass area for hanging the washing and the weans playing. I remember one day, must have been about 4 years of age, playing with this wee boy and out of the blue the cunt produced an axe and started to try & fucking hit me with it....cunt chased me till I ran into my house.

Another incident at the same place....there used to be a chicken run at the far end of the buildings surrounded by a dry stane dyke and I decided to climb on it....a boulder gave way, I fell off and several boulders fell on my hand breaking virtually every bone.

Ahhh.....those were the days....lol

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I went to a primary school that was a couple of miles away from my house and I remember from a very young age walking home with my mate.

They were in the process of building a new housing estate just off my usual route and of course we'd always go through the site. Ginge (named Ginge for obvious reasons) would hang off the overhanging lengths of scaffolding poles with huge drops to ground below. I remember running through a new concrete house base losing one of my school shoes in it. My mum was furious, can remember waiting on the stairs for my dad to get in knowing she was gonna tell him. 



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