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Would You Tout On Your Neighbour if They Had More Than 6 People in Their House?


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Was reading peelers knocked door of a 19 yr old at the weekend and handed him a £10k fine for having a party

Easy target whilst they don't have the resources to tackle real crime like burglary and yet you could meet all these people in the pub

Things can only get worse


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Guest Red Devil

Not a chance, as others have said they've put the law in place. They should Police their own mess. 

Unique puts it best, why would you cause shit with your neighbours. They will be dealing with more anti social incidents from this than over 6 people issues. 

What you will get though is usual idiot neighbours who complain about everything throwing people under the bus. We had one in our old house, complained about everything. 

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23 hours ago, Mr Magnificent said:

Nope. I would not. 

You probably wouldn't  get an invite anyhow.

Personally i would be more pissed off if they were playing crappy rap music and keeping me awake with it. Grassing is a 100% no for me, other than kiddie fiddler types, which i would most likely give out my own form of justice to first anyhow.

I'm just curious as to how many people who  claim they wouldn't grass, yet are happy to give @Harold headache by constantly reporting posts. Just a thought.

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6 minutes ago, Bastion said:

Touts will be shot.......

Never heard it as meaning an informer or to inform.
Normally means to sell or advertise, or a person who does so.

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