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I was thinking about this the other day. Are you the type of person who will eat healthily all your life, never binge drinking or smoke then getting a horrible dieseas like dimentia at 65 and then living another 5 - years with it. 

Or are you the type to eat shit, binge drink and smoke, love will your 60 dying of a heart attack. 

I'd say the latter has the better life even if it is 5 years shorter. 

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I am in the latter.

Your point is valid. I worked in the NHS for many years and I think a lot of this is true. Used to see a lot of professional "sensible" people living to grand old ages, but for some of them their quality of life for their final years was poor down to living so long. Alzheimer's set in and families struggled to cope. 

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It is what it is....I am what I am.....what will be will be. I eat what I fancy, some stuff can be considered healthy but other food not. I enjoy a drink....in fact I have refused on principle to answer medical questions put to me by the nurse if I'm having some kind of check simply because the answers are collated into statistics and end up in the grubby paws of our Scottish Executive who in turn use said stats to their own advantage to hammer the public about how much it costs the NHS blah bla blah so we have to put up the price of alcohol to stop you over indulging cunts! I enjoy a smoke....I've certainly cut down from when I was working and I'm intending getting a new vape soon and trying to cut down further. The door will close when it closes and all these fucking namby pamby self centred so called arsehole experts that lick the arse of the nanny state can GO FUCK THEMSELVES!!!

Rant over....lol

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