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Good Morning.....

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17 minutes ago, Harold said:

I've got about 6 or 7 sleeves left of ciggies from Belgium left. I've cut down and using a vapour back and forwards. Ciggies should last till around March/April. Might give it a try or maybe buy a pack for the weekend. See how it goes. Good on you though. The wife's been off them for about 15 years now.

Oh, you vape? You must be so cool - Willy Wonka | Meme Generator

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Another fine summer's morning here in Auckland!

Went for a walk with the dogs.  The photos are of Low Force. Was cold but the bitches enjoyed it. Should have taken @Mr Magnificent dogs as he's never going to walk him. 

Norm....Twitter, no good will come from it Mags..... in shame....for talking pish all day, he will never recover  SP.... on a boat to kill Biden Dug.... M&S then garage for papers 

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17 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

Morning 🙂

Up bright and early today, working from my flat in edinburgh, doing a fuel plan for the journey round to Faslane!

do you have the same flat every time you're up here ?

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41 minutes ago, Makdee said:

Morning folks dreich day here. Though I have laughed so much a that mob and their fans they are truly broken it makes the day seem brighter somehow 

I had to laugh at some of their comments in the Record's Hot Line yesterday. Taking the moral high ground over they Rangers fans gathering at the weekend and not being concerned about safety etc etc. Short memories eh ? Riots, violence, chasing players cars, throwing fencing at police vehicles............and no social distancing....lol. 

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