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Population Control......The New Normal


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Serious question to you peeps

Have you ever thought about population control?

Think about this!

20m died in the first World War over an assassination


As that ended we had the Spanish flu which killed at least 50m

Just imagine if that didn't happen what would the populatiom be today?

Was there a virus purposely released in 1918?

Without meaning to be crude.....research that motherfucker Bill Gates

He doesn't hide it,he talks about it?he wants depopulation

Why is this rich cunt calling the shots?

Bojo has also give his snake opinion......beware of this cunt






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2 minutes ago, UNIQUE said:

been thinking this for years tbh. we have to come to the point where we have too many people and not enough resources. maybe the covid is the test run for a new virus that will kill off about 2 billion people. 

Exactly mate......makes so much sense

Thon book from 1981 is chilling and coming true by the day

Predicted the 2020 covid and predicted even worse on a huge fuck8ng scale in.....2030

Hmmmmm convenient  

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I agree Norm, it’s interesting when you consider that there is an aging population all over the world, people are living longer and it’s putting strains on services all over the place. Then suddenly a virus comes out that is very deadly to old people but not nearly as dangerous for young people. What’s the chances of that? Seems like it was made in that lab in Wuhan and released the bring the population down if you ask me. 

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