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No one has died of coronavirus!


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7 hours ago, Taken said:

No, I'm not a heartless git, far from it, I realise that like the common cold, this strain of that 'family' is a virus.

The US government body, the Centre for Disease Control, did a report in late August.

They concluded, that of all those who died, 6% were where Coronavirus was the main contributing factor, but they all had 2, 3 or 4 other contributing factors as to why they died.

The other 94%, were where Coronavirus wasn't the main contributing factor, and they too had at least 2 other contributing factors as to why they died.

Ipso-facto, no one died directly of this years Corona.

Ireland did a similar report, I think in October, their results were astonishingly similar.

I heard a Muslim say to George Galloway, who didn't challenge the claim, that we're born with between 5% and 8% Corona.

I found a study from 2001 that concluded the Coronavirus is the common cold.

In the Winter of 1968/9, 80,000 people died of the flu.

Each year, worldwide, 8 million people die of tobacco, not only do we not shut the planet down, we allow the sale of it, but we're 'saving lives'.

Put the crack pipe down Dude! 😂

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