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My Christmas poem - T'was the night before Christmas


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5 hours ago, Harold said:

A wee ditty and here's hoping you will all take this in the friendly manner it is intended peeps.....

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the forum

Not a member was whinging, every post full of decorum

The threads had been ended, not a bad word in sight

But wait said BB, what’s all this shite


No arguing or bad mouthing, is no one a man

Because my missus has snubbed me and I must issue a ban

Where is yon Cazza who jogged off in the huff

Unique must be sleeping or he got a rebuff


Mr Mags he’s a cad and cannot stop his moaning

He thinks BB’ll red card him to stop all that groaning

Hairy is trying but it seems he just can’t

Stop putting in details, he’s still a pedant


Now Bastion’s been drinking, his gas  is at a peep

Cos he knows in the morning all he find is a heap

Norm’s going doolally, he’s really fucking livid

Cos he believes the authorities have been lying about Covid


SP’s on the cognac, he thinks he’s in Terry’s

But tbh he thinks Fanny can only be the one called ra berries

Now Superally is pished and his head’s on the pilla

Dreaming like fuck on how to shit on the Villa


Doc’s reminiscing, by fuck he’s up late

A trade deal’s  been agreed but it might not be too great

Mak’s on the malt, his wife called him a lush

But to be really honest all he wants is some muff


Winston our newbie, he’s no, aye he is

Cos he came on and left us but is back doing the biz

He’s settled in great but sometimes he thinks he is Rambo

But I know we all love him and he’s a dedicated Jambo


So it comes down to yours truly and I’ve  really been well  fed

Where am I now, go on have a guess……

Don’t think too  hard, don’t burst your head

Cos it’s really quite easy….the Dug’s in his fucking bed.


Ah Thank ya……

Top Drawer Dug.     image.thumb.gif.3979586a864ffaa61cbfe4d1336286fd.gif

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