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Should the schools Reopen?

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2 hours ago, Mr Magnificent said:

Should the schools Reopen with Covid infections at record levels? Is it fair to expose pupils and teaching staff?

I think they should stay shut until more people are vaccinated. 

The vaccine doesn't stop you getting or spreading the virus

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3 hours ago, Mr Magnificent said:

Any proof or evidence to show that?

Yep it's posted in another thread



Another wee snippet

Will I be able to pass on the virus to others if I’ve had the vaccine?

We don't yet know for sure, but it seems that it may be possible for you to pass the virus on even if you've been vaccinated. The vaccines work by causing your body to create a rapid immune response to the virus so it doesn't make you ill, but don't stop the virus from entering your body in the first place. So even if you've been vaccinated, it's really important to follow guidelines around social distancing, hand washing and other guidance to stop the spread of coronavirus. You'll still need to self-isolate if you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has.


I posted this also from a guy with 35 yrs experience so he knows more about this than you and i,remember Vallance has huge shares in big pharma


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1 minute ago, Mr Magnificent said:

We best make it mandatory for everyone to have this jab.

Fuck choices. Just give it everyone. 

You do know it hasn't been tested yet on vulnerable people,fertility,pregnancy,elderly ,only healthy people and testing to run til 2023?....You do know this Mags.....right?

You do know this has been disclosed by Pfizer? Right?



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2 minutes ago, Mr Magnificent said:

No I am not.

I want my freedom back. The vaccine will allow me to do that safely.


What part of "the vaccine isn't fully tested and won't be until 2023" are you not getting?

The shady characters at SAGE and WHO have already stated masks will be worn all next year

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