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Added some new Reactions

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1 minute ago, boro_boy said:

You've probably already seen them, the ones you use when you react to a post with an Emoji.ย 

If people would like anymore added then let me know, don't want too many though.


Yeah they are great mate!

I see @Normski has been testing the dislike feature out on me a few times! FFS.ย 

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4 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

Oh he might have used one which I removed after 10 min, I added a new cry one, but had an existing one, I then added the new smilie to the old cry reaction and deleted the new reaction. Does that make sense? haha

I've just clicked it mate and again all I get is a wee fuck off box.

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51 minutes ago, Normski said:

Would have been for anyone that puts red sauce on a steak pie....rancid

Hope this helps๐Ÿ‘Œ


Well as much as thoughI like red sauce I donโ€™t put on steak pie. But I do put a gravy on mine made with oxo cubes A dollop of red sauce and some Lea & Perrin sauce all mixed togetherย 

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