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British heritage and culture are we losing it?, should we give in?


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At least 69 monuments and memorials in Britain have been removed, renamed, or altered after Black Lives Matter (BLM) swept the country in 2020.

What are your thoughts on this?
Is a multi-ethnic, multiculturalism society the way forwards for Britain today? or must we defend our valours, heritage and culture (not to mention religion) that our forefathers, generations before us, brothers and sisters fought for?

Do you agree or disagree that the person that may represent you in local government (or elswhere) has no moral right to acclaim themselves as being of 'British Heritage' and therefore has a say or no say as to the way we see our own history?

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Multi Culturism does not work.

Look at the countries that have tried to force the issue. UK, France, Germany, USA, Australia to name but a few all now have home grown terrorists as a result. 

We must defend our history vigorously. There are cunts out there who get offended if there is nothing to be offended about. They are scum! 

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A left-wing newspaper “estimated 39 names – including streets, buildings, and schools – and 30 statues, plaques, and other memorials have been or are undergoing changes or removal” since BLM unrest swept across the Atlantic from the United States to the United Kingdom and, lacking a George Floyd figure to rally behind, made Britain’s history and built heritage its primary target.

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Victims of the purge include not only “slave traders” such as Edward Colston, a once-revered Christian philanthropist, parliamentarian, and merchant who, being born in 1636, had some business links to the slave trade, has had his statue in Bristol ripped down by a mob, a stained glass window memorialising him taken down by the Church, and several buildings named in his honour rebranded.

They also include figures such as Scottish Enlightenment philosopher David Hume, in his day — the 18th century — something of a progressive figure, now cancelled by his alma mater for expressing some views considered politically correct by 21st-century standards — and Sir William Gladstone, celebrated as one of Britain’s greatest prime ministers until recently, now cancelled because his father had a financial stake in Caribbean plantations which used slave labour prior to abolition.


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‘Whore, Slag, Slave Owner’: Queen Victoria Statue Vandalised with ‘BLM’ Slogans.

The English, Scottish, N. Irish and Welsh should no longer accept such behaviour from the hords who have migrated to our shores and who now try to dictate and teach us to be ashamed of our heritage and history, we don't need them, they can fuck back off:beer:

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