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Obscure Phrases

Mr Magnificent

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Stone The Crows 

There have been a few attempts to explain the origin of this odd phrase. A croze is the groove at the end of a wooden barrel that holds the end plate in place. It has been suggested that the expression was previously stow the croze, that is, break open the barrel. There is no supporting evidence for that idea though. The more prosaic suggestion - that it alludes to the practice of throwing stones at crows - is much more likely.


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'I'll take my hand off your face'.......what mothers across Scotland (at any rate) threatened their naughty children with. It actually means to give them a slap......but those who are not aware of the phrase would probably think it's nothing to do with punishment.

'Away and bile yer heid'......Get lost.

'Ma heid's mince'.........I'm confused.

'I could eat a scabby horse'.......I'm starving.

'Going for the messages'.............going shopping for groceries etc.


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