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7 minutes ago, Harold said:

So the team can have fucking 15 on the bench to pick from ?.....If that's so it's simply making a mockery of the system!

Was is it mockery, only three can come on. 

It's been like that at every tournament I can remember. Only extended the number of squad players due to the demands of this season. 

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You back on the voddy BB, it's 2021 FFS get yer napper out of the sand

Yeah it was a joke. Not on voddy tonight, I'm working in the morning. Then Covid Test tomorrow afternoon. 

Looking forward to this wee competition.... Can see a forum devide   A...England B...Anyone but England....   Bring it on    

29 minutes ago, Harold said:

not a clue what you mean ?

Was supposed to say why is it a mockery. 

29 minutes ago, Harold said:

thought it was 5 ?

I don't know if it's five but it's usually three for a tournament, things have been different this year. 

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